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Stosh will continually dedicate his time and energy into every sale. From the moment a home hits the market, until the day is closes, Stosh will constantly put forth his best effort into every sale. ​​


"He is dedicated, conscientious and doesn't hesitate to go out of his way to help get things done."

"Stosh has a strong network of professionals who can advise in financing, insurance, home inspection, and renovation."


With various moving parts involved in the sale of a home, Stosh is a consistent and clear communicator. He focuses on keeping clients updated yet not overwhelmed throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth transaction.

"In the Spring of 2017, my wife and I hired Stosh Jackson to sell our Seattle house. Master planner: Stosh organized a progressive schedule of things to be done by a certain date. That process was so well done. it made the sale stress less, easy and if I may add, fun."

"It was a pleasure to work with Stosh as a recent seller. He was knowledgeable, thorough and helped us to get an amazing price in record time."



From the start to the end of every transaction, Stosh is dedicated to treating every transaction with the utmost care and integrity it deserves and to get the absolute best results for his clients.

 “From day one he was a huge support with everything from what to focus on to put the house on the market (paint, flooring choices, staging which we did ourselves)”

"On the selling side, he was careful to create a strategy that considered realistic timing and pricing and even helped to stage our home"

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