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Stosh understands buying a home can be one of the biggest decisions people make in their lifetime. From the initial meeting, to handing over the keys, he continually goes above and beyond throughout the entire process.

“He pre-screened homes, openly discussed their merits and drawbacks, and many times went the extra mile to answer our questions -- whether it meant going into the crawl space or tracking down a seller or agent”

“Stosh visited literally dozens of properties on a moment's notice and provided excellent analysis on why each place was or was not a good fit for our family.”


From a starter home, to a large investment property, Stosh is invested in every transaction. With a passion and deep caring for every client, Stosh truly puts his clients first. 


“It was a pleasure to work with Stosh as both a buyer and a seller. Professionally and inter-personally, he brought authenticity, integrity, practicality, and honesty to every interaction.” 


In the increasingly competitive Seattle market, Stosh uses utilizes not only intuition, but thoughtful analysis when advising his clients in their best interest. 

He was realistic, and creative when it came to putting an offer on the house....after loosing out on many houses before working with Stosh, I believe he was the difference maker that set us apart.”

“He is completely aware of the market changes and updates.”

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